What is Essa Stone?

Essa Stone is an Italian engineered stone that is made by combining 95% solid quartz with 5% resins and pigments. The large quantity of quartz which is found in Essa Stone makes it a strong and durable material that is used in many Australian kitchens. Essa stone is an excellent material choice to consider when creating your ideal kitchen environment. One of Essa stone’s finest qualities is that it is extremely hardwearing material that has scratch and stain resistance which makes for a perfect kitchen benchtop.

The benefits of using Essa Stone Benchtops

The stunning design of an Essa Stone Benchtop is partnered with sophisticated manufacturing which ensures that every piece of stone is of the highest quality. The versatility of the Essa stone material means it is a popular choice for the kitchen, bathroom and other interior areas. The most common use for Essa Stone is the kitchen benchtop. There are a number of contemporary colours which compliment classic designs that are available when creating Essa Stone Benchtops from Austrends. To help ensure you that the stone is durable and long-lasting, Essa stone benchtops come with an exceptional 15 year limited warranty. Unlike natural stone, Essa stone benchtops do not require sealing as they keep their natural shine year after year. This saves time and money as most natural stone benchtops need sealant to be reapplied every few years. Also, Essa Stone benchtops do not require any special cleaning products are extremely low maintenance. To clean you can simply use warm water with a mild detergent.

Essa stone benchtops are a sophisticated and attractive addition to any kitchen in Perth. Call us today and speak to a qualified Austrends customer service representative about our Essa Stone benchtops.

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